Saturday, 13 September 2014

We Are Groot!

Looky, looky!  It's Saturday (not by much) and here I am posting again!

This week was mostly filled with Groots.  All of the Baby Groots were shipped off to my friends, and I'm happy to report that they all love their Groots!  I did get a picture of them all together before I shipped them out.
The first picture here is before I "planted" them. Awh, look at the little Groots!  The second picture here is the "post planting" picture.
I gave my friends an option of what colour they would like me to paint their pot.  Some of them wanted just plain terracotta, and others went for a brighter color.  Anyway way you slice it, these little guys are super cute.  The best part was seeing how happy it made my friends to receive them!

I had thought that I was finished with Groot for awhile.  In fact, I even had time to work on some Christmas presents this week.  But then a friend said that he wants to be Groot for Halloween and his little boy is going to be Rocket Raccoon, and he was looking for costume ideas.  I told him that I might be able to design a hat for him.  And so I got to work yesterday on it (which just happened to be International Crochet Day), and finished it up last night.  I'm pretty pleased with how he turned out, and I'm proud to be able to say that the design is my own.  Since his debut, I've had a couple more friends say they'd like one of these.  So I may go ahead and write a pattern out for them.  But for tonight, I think I've earned a bubble bath and some reading time!

Happy Hooking!


  1. Very cool! So sad i have not seen the movie yet....

    You should write up the patterns... i think a lot of people would like to make some!

    Take care

  2. Thanks, Anne! For the Baby Groots, I (mostly) followed the free pattern found here:
    As for the hat, I have at least three people wanting them, so perhaps I will go ahead and try to write a pattern for it.

  3. Wow! It's turning into a small company. :-) Perhaps you can even sell some items online?!

  4. I "fourth" request the Groot hat pattern, please!
    Turned out great and I have a friend that would love one (maybe I can get it made for Christmas). :-)

  5. I would LOVE if you wrote up a pattern for the hat! I have a friend who texted me today asking if I could make it for a friend of hers and I have been searching high and low online and cannot find any good groot hat patterns lol Yours is amazing!