Thursday, 18 September 2014

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So, I am still new to Blogland. I kept an online journal for years on Open Diary, which sadly is gone now.  I hadn't realized until I looked into it that it was actually the first blogging website, launched 6 months before even Livejournal was.  Back then it was just a way to get all my thoughts and feelings collected, and I type so much faster than I write.  I can't help but feel old and outdated when I don't even know what all the blog features and such are anymore.  I keep seeing blogs I'd like to follow, but I don't want my email overflowing (as if it isn't anyway) and I don't want to have to join 8 different communities to be able to see when the blogs I like have been updated.  That being said, I'm not exactly sure what Bloglovin even IS, but I see it as an option to follow blogs quite often, and so I am giving it a wingding and connecting my blog to it (and it wants me to post a link in a new blog, and so in this entrey is where I will post it).  I also have started a Facebook page (separate from my personal page) for The Button Buffalo which you can see here.  Feel free to pop by and give it a like if you want, and let me know about your pages as well so I can visit them!  There's not much on the Facebook page yet, but I just started it this week and I am still trying to figure out exactly what I want to do with it.  I think I may spend some time today on blogspot trying to get THIS blog to look like I want it to.  I want to share with people the other blogs and things I love.  I just need to figure out how to do all that!
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  1. I hear where you're coming from, Darrah! After almost 2 years since blogging for the first time, I am still trying to get my head around the technical aspects. Like your exploration of Facebook, I have been exploring Google+. I totally agree about not wanting to have overflowing email boxes etc. and it is too much to keep track of if one needs to subscribe to many different services so I am old-fashioned and have very organised 'Favourites' lists. I am sorry that I don't know what Bloglovin' is either - I think it is just a reader but perhaps it has useful features that we are not aware of. You are not the only one struggling to figure out the blogosphere and still don't understand what 'bloghops' or 'linkparties' etc. are - how they work and why.
    Anyway, just thought I would leave a message of solidarity, support and encouragement. :-)