Saturday, 29 March 2014

Playing Hooky

I've definitely been playing hooky- in more ways than one!  I hadn't intended it to be so long in between posts.  I could blame it all on Spring Break, but I don't think it is entirely to blame.  What has mostly kept me from posting is my lack of a finished project to present.  This is not to say that I haven't been hooky during Spring Break- oh, have I ever been!  It is just that I have so many projects going on right now that it is hard to stay focused on just one and work on it.  Some days I feel like working on my kitchen rug, others I spend working on my Mother in Law's Mother's Day gift, I might feel like working up a row or two of my throw pillow, or maybe an idea has hit me for another project that I want to start but I'm just in the beginning planning stages.

The biggest project going on right now is my kitchen.  It is in horrible need of a facelift, but we can't afford to just gut it and redo everything as we'd like right now.  However, I had a few sparks of creative energy hit me over the last week or so, and so I began plotting and planning for a cheap, yet enjoyable way to give my kitchen a makeover.  I've had several visions of a bright, cheery kitchen and what it could look like.  While at the craft store today, my ideas became more focused, and I was pleasantly surprised to find my husband on board with what I was thinking about. I love it when we pick things out together for our home. I'll admit to squeeing several times on the way home in sheer excitement and antici....pation!  I can't wait to have pictures to share!  Maybe tomorrow there will be a few sneak peak pictures.  For tonight, however, it is late and so I am going to get some sleep to get things off to a fresh start tomorrow!

Monday, 17 March 2014

Under Construction

Many things are "under construction" these days!  I really want to spend some time on this blog making it look just how I want it to, and trying to find someone who can design a banner for me (as drawing, painting, designing, etc are not skills that I possess).  But the more time I spend poking around with it is less time that I have to work on the numerous projects I have going on. Soon I will get it done though. In more productive news, I have started on my Swirly Rug for my kitchen makeover.  I`m hoping to get some good progress made on Gwyn`s birthday present later tonight.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Oh Look! Another Project!

I have so many projects going right now.  A couple of them aren't far from finished, but I just don't feel like working on those.  No reason in particular, they just aren't what my heart is into right now, and that's okay.  I will revisit them when I can put all of myself into them.  What is my heart into these days?
Well, Spring is here.  Equinox or no, I have swapped out all my peppermint smelling goodies (soaps, oils, etc.) for citrus scents throughout the house.  For me, that is all I need ot make it official.  I am still working on my raindrops throw pillow for my couch.  However, since my living room is done in cool, mostly neutral colors, it is just not as appealing to me as something with a little more BAM!COLOR!  Since all of my downstairs is decorated in the light blue / brown/ off white color scheme, I decided that the kitchen could be the place that would add some color and pep.  The kitchen needs updated, but it is just not possible right now.  So instead, I'll give it a facelift.  I've picked out some fabric to make some new kitchen curtains, and some yarn to make various items throughout the room.  The first thing I'm going to make is a new rug to put in front of the sink.  I'm very excited about this, more than I probably ought to be. These two items will set the stage for my kitchen's facelift.  Here is the fabric I picked for the valence, panels, and the yarn for the rug.  I can't wait to get started on (and finish) this project!

Another project I have just started is for my daughter's upcoming seventh birthday.  Here's a sneak peek at a piece of it.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Up & Running

I've been trying to find a blog site that I like the layout of to really get into blogging.  Tumblr wasn't doing it for me, so I'm going to try this instead.  This entry is really just a test entry to see how I'm going to like the way this blog looks.  Here are a couple of pictures of recently finished projects.