Monday, 17 March 2014

Under Construction

Many things are "under construction" these days!  I really want to spend some time on this blog making it look just how I want it to, and trying to find someone who can design a banner for me (as drawing, painting, designing, etc are not skills that I possess).  But the more time I spend poking around with it is less time that I have to work on the numerous projects I have going on. Soon I will get it done though. In more productive news, I have started on my Swirly Rug for my kitchen makeover.  I`m hoping to get some good progress made on Gwyn`s birthday present later tonight.


  1. Great colours! :-) Looking forward to see the finished project!

    As for banners - have you discovered Pic Monkey yet? It's a great online program and sooo easy!

    Take care

    1. Thanks, Anne! I'll check that out! I have a friend who does some graphic design and photography that is going to help me with a banner and logo soonish, but he's been down with the same flu bug that I've had. Hopefully soon!