Sunday, 27 July 2014

Something About A Summertime Ripple

I love to ripple.  For me, there is just something about rippling away on a Summer evening that is so peaceful and relaxing.  I'm a big fan of patterns that allow my mind to wander just a tad while working on them, but are interesting enough to keep me from getting bored after 5 rows.  The family and I set out for the beach about 12 or so days ago, and I decided that I would take some yarn along with me and start an afghan that could always remind me of our first family trip to the beach.  I had actually picked these colours out a few months ago, but couldn't decide exactly what was going to become of them- just that they WOULD become something together one day.  I had to do a good chunk of frogging already, as I changed my mind on how I wanted to pattern the colours.  Sometimes after you see something stitched up it just isn't what you had envisioned and you have to make some changes.  I have worked on six other projects since starting this blanket (only three of them are finished as of now), but I am trying to make sure that I give this blanket a little time each day.  I'm finally happy with the colour patterning, and have all five colours incorporated into the blanket now.  The photo above show how it is looking as of right now.  What do you think?  This is made with Stylecraft DK in the colours Shrimp, Sherbet, Mocha, Saffron, and Meadow.

As for the other projects I've been working on, one is a bag for my Mother in law for her to carry her Kobo and tablet in. I'll have pictures of that up in a few days.  I've also been working on Christmas gifts for my in laws.  Those pictures will be coming along soon as well.  I got a request the other day to make a hat and beard for my 5 month old niece.  What a fun idea!  So I made a practice beard for my son to try to get a gauge of some sort, since I can't really have her try on the beard and make adjustments since we are in different countries and all.  my little monkey loves his beard and it has been seeing good use!


  1. Oh, this blanlet will surely become a real family treasure! Such a good idea to have a blanket to remind you of the great time at the beach!
    I just got home from Canada today (tryi g tostay awake right now to avoid the jet lag) and already miss it!
    Take care and hugs to you and your family,

  2. I love the look of ripple blankets. A number of books have been published full of ripple patterns both knit and crochet for inspiration. You have reminded me that I had intended to make a ripple blanket for my loungeroom. I have the yarn waiting! I have made a square motif blanket, a giant granny square blanket and next in line was the ripple that I have been wanting to do for a couple of years now but other things keep distracting me! I am sure you will be finished your current ripple blanket and the next one before I get mine done!