Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A Change of Mind

A friend of mine was looking for donations for a silent auction and I said I would crochet something for him.  Since I am trying to appeal to a broad range of potential bidders, I decided to not go with my usual quirky style, and decided on an afghan.  The original pattern called for a varigated yarn and three solids.  I picked three colors out of the varigated yarn and thought they looked nice together.  As I started working, I became more and more unsure of the color combination.

I didn't frog it, but I put it away for now.  If someone is going to pay good money for something and I am going to put my name on it, I want to be sure about it.  I might be feeling these colors more in the fall or something.  So I restarted in new colors. I also decided that instead of a varigated yarn to go with a heathered grey in effort to not make the colors not so distracting. This blanket is made with Red Heart Soft in  Heather Grey, Lilac, Berry, and Grape on a 5mm hook.  The original pattern can be found here.
So far it is coming along nicely, and I think these colors are a little easier on the eye (pardon the shadows my tree is casting in this picture).  I'm taking my time on this, and I'm enjoying the silky softness of the yarn.  I'm hoping to be done within the week, but we'll see.

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